Working in conjunction with the Real Property System (RPSv4), the BAS Tax Collection System allows retrieval of property data by bill number, owner name, address or SBL#

Tax 256x256

  • Easy to use, multi-tasking user interface

  • Full audit trail of all financial transactions and warrant changes

  • Efficient high speed posting of payments including optional use of bar codes

  • Post entire bank payments as easily as a single payment

  • Produces detail/summary reports of transactions by batch, date, or all-inclusive

  • Calculates payments and fees for full, partial and installment payments

  • Provides instant lookup of tax bill status including full history of prior seasons

  • Advanced search allows the retrieval of tax bills by almost any criteria

  • Prints Reminder Notice of Unpaid Tax for mailing to delinquent taxpayers

  • Prints "memo bills" and receipts in full "Taxpayer Bill of Rights/STAR" style

  • Handles bill reapportionments and adjustments

  • Imports from and exports to county tax agencies & private tax service organizations (Corelogic, etc.); optional "lockbox" capability

  • Tracks all payment information including payment type, additional charges, and how payment was received (in person or through the mail)

  • On-demand electronic transfer of payment data to the county

  • Advanced user security allows granting/denying any user access to any section of the system

  • Web enabled "data layer" for interfacing to internet web sites (additional services required)

  • Automatic system updates (requires internet access)

Optional Features Including:

  • Bar code scanning capabilities; save yourself time and eliminate keying errors by simply scanning the bill
  • Online Tax Applications allow residents to view and pay tax bills online.

BAS has developed an online web application that is integrated with Tax Collection System in use by the Receiver of Taxes.  The tax bills are synchronized and uploaded to the BAS E-Government web server where residents can access conveniently via any internet abled device.  

Residents and 3rd party agencies are able to retrieve current and past tax bills extending the services of the Tax Office 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. If preferred, an online payment option is available whereresidents may pay tax bills within the current collection periods via credit/debit or electronic check.

In addition, all online transactions are synchronized electronically to the BAS Tax Collection System and placed in an Internet batch queue to avoid manual entry. The tax reports clearly reflect these transactions as “Internet” for easy balancing of all payments received.