BAS Tax Collection Software
Our user-friendly Tax Collection software works in conjunction with the Real Property System (RPSv4) and retrives property data by bill number, owner name, address, or SBL number.



Icon Tax TaxBill Bill Management
Easily search for tax bills by any criteria, lookup tax bill status, and retrieve full tax history of prior seasons instantly.
Icon Tax Print Bill Printing
Avoid outsourcing and easily print all tax bills in-house.
Icon Tax Payment Payments
Speedy payment posting (with optional barcodes), post bank payments in a single transaction, calculate full/partial/installation payments, and handle bill reapportionments and adjustments.
Icon Tax Mail Mail Notifications
Print reminder notices of unpaid tax to mail to delinquent taxpayers, and print memo bills and receipts in Taxpayer Bill of Rights/STAR format.
Icon Tax ImportExport Import & Export
Import from and export to county tax agencies and organizations, and make electronic transfers of payment data to the county.
Icon Tax Report Reports & Tracking
Obtain detailed and summarized transaction reports, full audit trails of transactions and warrant changes, and track all payment transaction information.
Icon Tax Settings Settings
Utilize the multi-tasking interface, automatic system updates, and configure advanced individual user access levels.


  • Online Resident Portal  

    The Online Resident Portal integrates flawlessly with our Tax Collection software. The tax bills are synchronized and uploaded to the our e-Government web server which residents can access conveniently using any device connected to the internet.



    Residents and third-party agencies can view current and past tax bills

    Make a secure payment using a credit/debit card or electronic check

    Access previous tax bills, payment history, and print receipts

    NOTE: All online transactions are synchronized electronically to our Tax Collection system and placed in an Internet batch queue to avoid manual entry. The tax reports clearly label these transactions as “Internet” for easy balancing of all payments received.

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Easily Manage Every Aspect of Your Tax Collection Process

Let our team provide further detail on what our Tax Billing & Collection software can do for your municipality.
(NOTE: We will never share your personal information with outside parties.)

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  • "Since the Town of Penfield purchased the BAS on-line Dog Licensing payment application in 2012, we couldn’t be more satisfied. The process is easy, quick and convenient for our residents and the Town has seen a significant increase in the number of dog renewals since the implementation of this service. The program gives the opportunity to renew dog licenses hassle free from a computer or smartphone. It is always a pleasure to work with Rob Vitti and his team. I highly recommend other Towns to invest in this on-line dog licensing payment solution."
    Amy M. Steklof, RMC/CMC Penfield Town Clerk, President of the MCTCTR&CA
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