Our Clerk Licensing System is the leading software solution for licensing in NYS; the system allows for easy retrieval of information, fast processing of new and renewal transactions and the printing of required State licenses.

Cash Reportingclerk 256x256
Daily detail and summary reports; monthly report that certifies the fees and monies received and remitted by your office

Dog Licensing
Original licenses, renewals, replacement tags, transfers; pure-bred original licenses, & renewals; monthly NYS Ag & Markets report; rabies tracking and report; transaction detail report; lists by breed, color, sex and/or location; personalized delinquent renewal letters (with customizable template)

General Licensing
Entry, fee calculation and tracking of licenses and permits that need to be renewed e.g. trailer, peddler, landfill, etc.; produces expiration report and summary report by license type; optional numbering and printing of receipts

Produces issued permit report by name or number; also an expired permit report & “soon-to-expire” letters (with customizable template”)

Miscellaneous Cash
Categorizes various types of fees & tracks, in detail and summary, all associated cash received

  • Racing and Wagering
  • Bingo, Games of Chance and Raffle licenses; 
  • proceeds computations; monthy State 
  • Comptroller reports; annual report

Sporting Licenses
DECALS interface allows summary sales data to  be included in daily and monthly cash reports

Vital Records
Marriage affidavits, certificates and personalized “Dear Newly-weds” letters (customizable template); monthly NYS DOH report, burial transit permits; marriage & death summary reports. Optional: birth certificates and genealogy searching capability


Subtotals by fund; current balances of all  accounts; reports, vendor labels 

This capability allows residents to pay by credit/debit card or electronic check via the Internet for dog license renewals or any of the local license/permits maintained in the Local Licensing module (parking, beach, etc).

Local Licensing
The BAS Local Licensing system is designed to produce, track and report on the various local licenses  & permits issued to residents; the system also provides the convenience of allowing payment to be made online.

pdf  BAS Clerk Licensing Flyer (3.81 MB)

BAS has developed an online web application that is integrated with the Clerk Licensing System in use by the Clerk’s Department.  The designated permit types are synchronized and uploaded to the BAS E-Government web server where residents can access conveniently via any internet abled device.  

Residents may pay for their beach/parking or other permits via credit/debit or electronic check; eliminating the need to send in a check or go into the Clerk’s office in person.  The system allows for attachments if proof of residency or vehicle information is required.

In addition, all online transactions are synchronized electronically to the BAS Clerk Licensing System and placed in an Internet batch queue to avoid manual entry. The reports clearly reflect these transactions as “Internet” for easy balancing of all payments received.

BAS has developed an online web application that interacts with the BAS Dog Module in use in the Clerk’s Department.  The dog license database is uploaded to the BAS E-Government web server where residents can access conveniently via any internet abled device.  

Residents are able to retrieve current dog license information and the system will validate that the license renewal period falls within the rabies certification period. If the license renewal/rabies test is affirmative, the resident will be given the ability to pay the renewal fee via credit/debit or electronic check for a flat fee per transaction. 

In addition, all online transactions are synchronized electronically to the BAS Clerk Licensing System and placed in a queue within the Dog Module to avoid manual entry. The daily cash and dog transaction reports clearly reflect these transactions as “Internet” for easy balancing of all payments received.

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