The Integrated Property System, also known as IPS, is an innovative suite of integrated applications that consolidates property data from every department within a municipality into a shared, centralized database. This provides efficient and easy access for all authorized users, while providing ample security restrictions to tailor the system to your business needs.


checkmark  Permitting
checkmark  Code Enforcement
checkmark  Planning & Zoning
checkmark  Fire & Periodic Inspections
checkmark  Comprehensive Parcel History
checkmark  Document Management
checkmark  Batch Printing
checkmark  Citizen Web Portal
checkmark  Workflow Automation
checkmark  Assessment Integration
checkmark  Outlook & Exchange Integration
checkmark  Active Directory Integration
checkmark  Granular Security Controls
checkmark  Mobile App Available
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  IPS has provided greater productivity for many aspects of the City of Syracuse’s operations, for the benefit of citizens, developers, and City staff. The Complaint Module provides Code Enforcement and Public Works a means to more efficiently manage and track high volumes of varied activities, and the Web Portal allows constituents to enter and track complaints and service requests online. Using Workflow for interdepartmental reviews of permit and zoning plans has made review processes transparent and more efficient, automatically notifying the applicant and other reviewers of relevant results. Access to information tracked by multiple departments has made IPS an invaluable tool for planning and resource allocation, and we look forward to working with the BAS team on further IPS integration with BAS Tax, Water Billing, and Public Works software.  

Martha Maywalt First Deputy Commissioner, City of Syracuse