Code Enforcement
The Integrated Property System, also known as IPS, is an innovative suite of integrated applications that consolidates property data from every department within a municipality into a shared, centralized database. This provides efficient and easy access for all authorized users, while providing ample security restrictions to tailor the system to your business needs.


checkmark  Permitting
checkmark  Code Enforcement
checkmark  Planning & Zoning
checkmark  Fire & Periodic Inspections
checkmark  Comprehensive Parcel History
checkmark  Document Management
checkmark  Batch Printing
checkmark  Resident Web Portal
checkmark  Workflow Automation
checkmark  Assessment Integration
checkmark  Outlook/Exchange Integration
checkmark  Active Directory Integration
checkmark  Granular Security Controls
checkmark  Contractor Licensing
checkmark  Mobile App

  • Mobile App  

    Our mobile Android tablet app is designed with the individual inspector in mind for portability, efficiency, and ease of use. It synchronizes seamlessly with the data from IPS to provide real-time access to all the features needed to perform inspection duties in the field.


    View upcoming inspections to determine the inspector’s workload or schedule periodic inspections directly from the field. Individual days can be selected to display specific times and locations of inspections, making route planning a breeze. Mapping feature assists the inspector to identify unclear addresses and obtain directions from their current location.
    Parcel SearchParcel Search
    View all parcel information contained in IPS — Search by address, tax map number, or owner and business names. Parcel attributes can be displayed and contact information directly updated while on location. The ability to search parcels in the field helps avoid duplicate cases.
    Additional record information such as violations, actions, checklists, and notes can be added to records or updated as needed. Attachments can easily be captured directly from the tablet’s on-board camera and uploaded to the central IPS database. Records can be identified via the Record Number search option.
    Offline AccessOffline Access
    All inspections, their respective records, and parcel data are cached locally on the tablet. Should cellular connection be lost at any time during the inspection, the app will still function and any changes made will automatically sync when service returns.
  • Web Portal  

    Our Web Portal for IPS is an online Constituent Service Request System that allows residents to log requests and the municipality to track related actions and final resolution. This system provides direct integration to our IPS software.


    Submit New Requests
    Submit new complaints, service requests, and permit applications online.
    Include digital attachments required for review.

    Electronic Payment
    Pay applicable permit fees via credit, debit, or e-check.

    Track Existing Records
    Track record status and details online.

    Contractor Accounts
    Track all applications related to a contractors’ account on a personal dashboard.

    Robust Filtering
    Filtering options allow for precise control of the content made available online.
    For example: Do not show contact phone #’s or inspection notes.

    Customize the look and feel of the site to match your existing web presence.


    Additional features are added based on customer input.

  • Contractor Licensing  

    Our Contractor Licensing module for our IPS software simplifies the contractor management process and retains all necessary information in one, easy-to-access location.


    Track License Numbering and Expiration Dates
    Easily manage contractor license distribution and expiration dates.

    Color-coded Expiration Warning Levels
    Customize contractor information rows to change specific colors as an expiration date approaches.

    Collection and Reporting of Fees and Payments
    Track and manage all fees charged and payments made on a contractor account.

    Ability to Create Lists of Contractors by Type
    Organize your list of contractors with categories such as plumbing, carpentry, electrical, etc.

    Insurance Tracking
    Track a contractors’ insurance information and expiration date.

    Print Forms
    Print forms such as receipts, licenses, renewal letters, etc.

    Add Attachments to the Licensed Contractor
    Manage contractor documents such as images, Worker’s Compensation, Liability Insurance, etc.

    Link Contractors to Organizations
    Track specific organizations a contractor is associated with.

    Shared Address Book with IPS
    Contact information within IPS is connected with the Contractor Licensing software.

  • Workflow Automation  

    The Workflow Automation module can be used to automate many of your existing in-office processes and even notify users outside the office with information about your records.


    Addition of Inspections
    Scheduling dates and times, rescheduling, passing or failing
    Addition of Approvals
    Groups that need to evaluate the record, conditions, status of the approval process
    Addition of Actions
    Stop work orders, notices of violation, hearing dates
    Status changes to records
    Issuance of permits, completion of permits, issuance of violations, closure of complaints

    Records being assigned to them
    Permit Applications, Permits, Complaint, Inspections
    Records that need attention
    Inspections that need rescheduling, upcoming violation compliance dates, permits due

    Change record statuses
    If criteria are met or not met, if dates have lapsed, if fees are paid
    Add attributes
    If properties have certain property classes, fire districts, occupancy loads
    Add Approvals
    If properties are in certain zones, if properties are in wetlands, if properties are in historic districts

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Cover All Your Code Enforcement Needs

Let our team provide further detail on how our integrated Code Enforcement software, IPS, can benefit your municipality.
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