Our FOIL Tracker system is designed to manage all Freedom of Information Law requests within a municipality. This software system is user-friendly, allows for easy retrieval of critical data, and offers quick access to information regarding the status of any FOIL request. By utilizing the Tracker Program and following the phases step-by-step,this system can help the user ensure compliance with relevant Freedom of Information Laws.

BAS FOIL Tracker Software

checkmark  Easily manage all records associated with FOIL requests
checkmark  Display all active and closed requests
checkmark  Manage the creation through the close of the request within a three phase program
checkmark  Receive notifications for pending, upcoming or past due FOIL requests
checkmark  Customize letter creation within the system which can be directly attached to an email
checkmark  Attach any related documents directly to the FOIL request record
checkmark  Advanced search options to easily retrieve all active, closed, and/or disposed requests
checkmark  Report on active, closed or disposed requests, as well as any fees, payments and deposits
checkmark  Track FOIL requests which have met their legal retention
checkmark  Notify users when the requests can be purged from your current system

Simplify Your FOIL Request Process

Let our team provide further detail on what our FOIL Tracker solution can do for your municipality.
(NOTE: We will never share your personal information with outside parties.)

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  • "The Village utilizes the workflow engine for complaints as it is a fast and easy way to process complaints for your municipality. Once a complaint is assigned, the workflow automatically emails the complaint to the appropriate department or agency without any extra work. This feature is definitely a cost and time saver."
    Camille Guido-Downey, RMC Village Clerk of Wesley Hills, NY
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