The FOIL Tracker System is designed to manage Freedom of Information Law requests. The system is user friendly, allows for easy retrieval of critical data, and offers quick access to information by verifying where each FOIL Request is in the process. By utilizing the Tracker Program and following the phases, the program is helping the user ensure compliance with relevant Freedom of Information Laws.

BAS FOIL Tracker Software

Major Features of the System Include:

  • The Program's built in functions allow the user to easily manage the records associated with the Freedom of Information requests.

  • Status tracking allows users to easily determine the current state of all records.

  • The notification window alerts users of important dates for completion and acknowledgment of requests as well as when records are eligible for disposal.

  • Letters can be customized and managed through a robust letter manager.

  • Each FOIL request can store an unlimited number of attachments in any file type.

  • FOIL Tracker offers advanced search options to easily retrieve all active, closed, and/or disposed requests.

  • The Program has several reporting features which allows the user to report on active, closed or disposed requests, as well as fee, payment and deposit reporting.