Finance Super Suite
Finance Super Suite is all-inclusive system built to manage all of your fund accounting needs. With a customizable chart of accounts and fully integrated system, this module provides complete flexibility, manageability, and transparency of all day-to-day accounting processes while reducing data entry and increasing your overall productivity.

Electronic Requisitions
Electronic Requisitions decentralizes the purchasing process through a customizable approval process and allows departments to manage their own budgetary expenditures. With automatic notifications, approved requests are easily converted to a purchase order which streamlines the entire accounts payable process. A complimentary mobile app version is also available.

Developer Escrow
Developer Escrow tracks developers, projects, and all associated activity with ease. Equipped with integration to the Finance Super Suite, this module makes it simple to track expenses that are tied to projects, deposits, insufficient balances, interest, and more.


Municipal Dashboard
Municipal Dashboard is an external-facing web page that provides your constituents with complete transparency by allowing visitors to view real-time financial information from your organization. It also allows you to customize and publish additional content and data to the site to provide additional information relevant to your users.

eRequisition App
The e-Requisition App was created to manage and approve requisitions remotely. A requisition can be added, reviewed, and approved allowing users to manage expenditures on the go.

Vendor Self-Service Portal
The Vendor Self-Service Portal allows vendors to easily track or manage their account information directly with their web portal login. They can check purchase order statuses, view and attach documents, update contact information, print 1099’s, and more.

Easily Capture All Transactions Within Your Municipality

Let our team provide further detail on what our Fund Accounting software can do for your municipality.
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  • "Since the Town of Penfield purchased the BAS on-line Dog Licensing payment application in 2012, we couldn’t be more satisfied. The process is easy, quick and convenient for our residents and the Town has seen a significant increase in the number of dog renewals since the implementation of this service. The program gives the opportunity to renew dog licenses hassle free from a computer or smartphone. It is always a pleasure to work with Rob Vitti and his team. I highly recommend other Towns to invest in this on-line dog licensing payment solution."
    Amy M. Steklof, RMC/CMC Penfield Town Clerk, President of the MCTCTR&CA
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