AMS 256x256
Our Animal Management System (AMS) assists both Animal Control Officers and Animal Shelters in managing the daily procedures and enforcement activities related to licensed dogs and other non-licensed animals. This system integrates with our Dog Licensing System to keep license information current.



Create Records
• Enforcement, complaints, strays, seizures, bites, etc.
• Inductions, redemptions, adoptions, impounds, etc.
Access License & Rabies Status of All Dogs Within Jurisdiction
Attach Images to a Record or Incident (JPEG, PNG, GIF)
Display Information on All Animals
Current status, complete incident history, adoption availability, etc.
Quick or Advanced Search Options
Calculate Fees, Track Payments, & Generate Payment Reports
Track Activity
Dispositions, redemptions, adoptions, owner or animal history, and non-licensed animals
Run Reports
Monthly or yearly status reports, bite reports, etc.
Print Appearance Tickets or Incident Reports for Court Use
Track Vehicle Maintenance


Streamline Your Animal Control & Animal Shelter Management

Let our team provide further detail on what our Animal Management System can do for your municipality.
(NOTE: We will never share your personal information with outside parties.)

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  • "I just want to express my appreciation for another successful start to our tax collection season! I really cannot thank you enough for how patient you are and how helpful you are to me each year. Once again, thank you so much!!!"
    Robin A. Kennedy School District Tax Collector, New Hartford Central School District
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